Colonel William Alexander Percy

Colonel William Alexander Percy was born May 10, 1834 in Alabama.  Percy served in various regiments in the Civil War, and organized a cavalry in Washington County known as the “Swamp Rangers.”  Following the war Percy practiced law in Washington County and was known as the “Grey Eagle of the Delta” for his leadership during reconstruction.  Percy served as State Representative in the Mississippi Congress and was elected Speaker of the House in 1878.  Husband to Nannie I. Armstrong and father to LeRoy Percy, Fannie Percy, William Percy, John Walker Percy, and Lady Percy, Colonel W.A. Percy died January 19, 1888.


Richard A. O’Hea

Richard A. O’Hea was born on December 9, 1821.  An immigrant from Ireland, O’Hea enlisted in the Confederate Army as an engineer in 1862 and was promoted to 1st Lieutenant on April 30, 1864.  After the war O’Hea, a civil engineer, was hired by Mrs. Harriet Blanton Theobald to aid in designing Greenville.  He also designed the new Greenville Cemetery after the old cemetery was filled by the Yellow Fever Epidemic in 1878.  O’Hea died on April 2, 1891 and is buried near the gates of the cemetery he designed.